The lush ivy that twist and climbed into every crevice, was beautiful, even with the webs stretched across its leaves. While sitting in the midst of this garden, it was hard to not make the connection of how I too had been abandoned. I had neglected myself cause I didn't know how to face the pain in my heart. I knew that if I didn't clean up this garden, clean up the trash, trim its branches and water its roots, it may continue to grow wild but it would never be healthy and as beautiful as it was meant to be. I looked at my life and my dreams much the same way. I decided it was time to work just as hard to face what frightened me, and caused me not to fly like a bird, but instead caused me to hide like a beetle in the dark recesses of an abandoned garden.


I see the world and it's inhabitants differently than most people do. I have a vibrant and creative mind and I have weaved a story of my life's journey into a series of mysterious authentic sculptural pieces; Illustrating expressions of loss, love, resolve, joy and kindness to finally victory.  With determination to face the demons that tormented me; I'm beginning to see and enjoy the results of what happens when a gentle soul finally figures out, she's gifted, not broken.


So when you are enjoying my sculptures notice the creativity and the love put into each and every piece I have made. And most of all celebrate with me this gift of life and the opportunity to embrace  it once more. Welcome to My Romantic World where Beauty and Mystery roam freely in all that I do.